Sustainable Tips


Buy or Lease Green Products or Facilities:

    Leasing or buying an efficient office, manufacturing or warehousing facility is one of the most significant sustainability decisions you can make for your business, employees and the environment. For example, buildings that meeting green-building criteria established by LEED or the IgCC can help businesses in the following ways:

    • Conserve energy and water which reduces environmental impacts and can drastically lower utility bills
    • Ensure that aspects of building site location, energy use, water consumption, material resources and indoor environmental quality were taking into consideration during the construction process
    • System for recycle storage and collection

    Purchase or lease energy efficient computers, monitors, printers and other electronics to minimize energy consumption and air pollution

    Purchase maintenance products that are proven to have sustainable attributes such as:

    • Recycled content for printer paper, paper towels and toilet paper to reduce landfill use and minimizes extraction of virgin
    • Low or nontoxic cleaning products to reduce health risks associated with chemical exposure and increase worker productivity
    • Low VOC emissions paint, sealing, cleaning and furnishing products to reduce health risks associated with chemical exposure and increase worker productivity

    Hire environmentally-conscious contractors such as caterers, interior decorators and cleaning crews to ensure that they fulfill your environmental initiatives

Reduce Energy Consumption and Lower Utility Bills:

    Contact landlord or maintenance crew about any of the following:

    • Seal leaks around doors and windows, electrical outlets or duct work
    • Create schedule for maintaining heating and cooling systems that includes changing air filters and scheduling annual maintenance checkups
    • Install a programmable thermostat to minimize heating/cooling system runtime during low occupancy times. Any reduction in runtime will reduce energy consumption and lower bills, so try to balance runtime with employee comfort. The U.S. EPA recommends these settings:
      • Heat - set temp ≤ 70° daytime and reduce temp 5° to 10° at night
      • Cool - set temp ≥ 78° daytime and increase temp 5° to 10° at night

      Use natural lighting whenever possible and replace incandescent bulbs with high-efficiency lighting such as CFL (compact florescent light) or LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs

      Lower the thermostat on hot-water heater(s) - a lower setting means a lower temperature has to be maintained 24/7/365

    Reduce Water Consumption and Lower Utility Bills:

      Repair leaky faucets, shower heads and toilets . leaks run 24/7/365 without breaks

      Install Water-Sense certified or other high- efficiency faucets, shower heads and toilets

      Minimize use of municipal water for landscaping:

      • Reduce or replace turf-grass with less water intensive foliage
      • Install plants and shrubs that are drought tolerant . native plants usually require less water
      • Install rain-water collection system to use stored water in times of drought
      • Install gray-water irrigation system to use water unfit for human consumption on landscaping