Eco-Labels & Certifications

Eco-Labels & Environmental Certifications

Before consumers make a purchase, they often wonder if the product they are considering will live up to the manufacturer's claims. Since consumers are more concerned than ever about buying products that are truly environmentally friendly and healthy, there has been an increased demand for products that bear environmental certifications and eco-labels. Unfortunately, shrewd marketers have capitalized on the consumers' interest in green products by producing countless environmental claims and eco-labels that are self-awarded, unsubstantiated or misleading.

To meet the growing demands of environmentally conscious consumers many sustainability businesses, industry associations and government agencies have developed green product certifications that establish guidelines for sustainable products. Most of these certifications are based on scientific standards developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), International Organization of Standards (ISO) or European Committee of Standardization (CEN) and require a blend of product testing and process auditing to maintain certification.

Once a standard is agreed upon for a sustainability certification, stakeholders often develop an eco-label to represent the standard and promote it to consumers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Since many reputable eco-labels are indistinguishable from their organization's certification mark (i.e. Cradle to Cradle, GREENGUARD, Green Seal, etc.), our team decided to combine them into one section called Eco-Labels & Environmental Certifications." Currently all eco-labels listed in this section are associated with a sustainability certification.

How do you choose which eco-label or certification is right for you? We suggest that you check out the items on the left of your screen. If these do not match your criteria, you may want to peruse the Green Claim Validations, Product Declaration, Green Building Programs or Certification Organizations to find a solution that meets your requirements.